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Nearly any utterance of—or an utterance made in the mode of—David Schweikert, Republican Congressman of Arizona, who is the biggest douchebag in the 115th U.S. Congress.

An unaccomplished congressman who has never passed a piece of legislation and who spawns Indivisible groups the way Anthony Weiner generates dickpics, Schweikert couches shitty, selfish proposals in simpering, apparently compassionate language. A Schweiky way of speaking often suggests we should fuck over other people for their own good. A Schweiky statement thus combines a reactionary proposition with a performance of compassion.

More generally, any conservative, white, male pissant that fabricates lies for cash.
At a particularly Schweiky moment, he suggested that he only rejects feminism to the extent that he honors women.

If I may be allowed to be Schweiky for a moment, *all* lives matter.
by Dorothy Hale June 10, 2017
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