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The effect of a band or musician (usually a metal band) becoming far more popular after death then they ever were in life. The term is in reference to Chuck Schuldiner of the band "Death" who passed away due to pontine glioma, a type of brain cancer. Many fans now claim "Death" to be the greatest band ever and that now one will ever be as epic or talented.

Note: This can be likened to a the similar effect of an artists painting going up in value after they die.
Metal Head #1: You know, I actually like some Obituary stuff more than Death.

Metal Head #2: Man you dont know what your talking about, Death is the best band ever to ever exist period. R.I.P. Chuck.

Metal Head #1: Man you really have a bad case of Schuldiner Syndrome
by RoccoTaco October 19, 2007
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