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A teacher, principle, secretary, etc...who acts like a police officer within the hallways of schools, usually this occurs in a high school because in elementary or middle schools because the majority of kids are goody goodies.

A school Nazi is always equipped with an SCR-300, a two-way transmitting walkie talkie that was used in the world wars. The weapon of choice is a ruler stick with the length of half a meter. The reason for the somewhat short length is because it is good for close combat in places like staircases and bathrooms.

They wander around the hallways during the times of when students go to work to find juvenile delinquents that choose to have lots of fun instead of learning 5x5 for 4 years. When a School Nazi finds a suspect or a situation he or she reports it to the head of the School Nazis...the Hitler of School Nazis. This..."hitler" figure, once reported with a situation, storms out of his or her (usually a male) office equipped with a Baretta .50 Caliber sniper rifle. He goes on the roof of the school and kills whoever has been caught fucking around.
My buddies were leaving during the time everyone was working to go to Mc Donalds and "the Hitler" shot them both while they were in their Ford pickup.

While I was walking to the bathroom I saw a School Nazi looking through a window, overwatching students and she pulled out her trusty SCR-300 and reported them to "the Hitler".
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