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Schnooty is a word popularized by the International touring German ska/ reggae/ dancehall artist Dr.Ring Ding (aka Richie Jung) in a song he recorded with Chicago's ska/ soul/ reggae artists Deals Gone Bad. It's exact meaning is still a little clouded in mystery but it's quickly finding it's way into popular parlance in many places especially among a younger demographic. In an interview with internet blogger and podcaster Gabe Pressure of Musical Occupation Dr.Ring Ding tried to elaborate on the origination and deeper meaning of the word. He mentions it has an Ethnic foundation that found favor as a slang term in the young population of Germany instead of the usual words associated as cuss words. In this way it is being used as a subversive exclamation instead of what is commonly known. It may also refer to an act of coitus of 2 young lovers or as in a sexual nature although that was debunked by Dr. Ring Ding in the interview.

It is sometimes spelled as "Schnuti". It has also been mentioned as a 'play' on the word snooty.
What the schnooty!!
Im still a little schnooty on what schnooty is.
by hijacked October 07, 2009
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