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The day Schmunsday was first introduced to the general public in 1908. The day was first a theory based upon the issue of time, derived form Einsteins theory of relativity. The theory was later presented as a system of days falling in between the already existing and accepted week system. The day Schmunsday takes place every day for three hours starting at 12:47 PM. After the Royal Party Comity of CalPoly 371, studied the phenomenon in the early 21th century, the true result of the Schmunsday was reviled. Schmunsday appears 100 times a month, but due to non solved partial differential equations the mystery of when the 69-70 days appears is uncertain. The day is now days only used for academia, as extra time for students to study.
Finaly Schmunsday!
I slept all Schmunsday but had still time to do my homework.
What did you do during Schmunsday?
When is Schmunsday now again? Soon, very soon!
by namn November 23, 2015
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