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An ironic iteration of smart meant to describe those who act smarter than what they actually are, and more often than not, try to belittle without provocation, those who they consider intellectually inferior, probably due to some mental condition, untreated insecurities, or both.
_I posted in my public Facebook bio how excited I was about the new Spider Man movie coming out, when right off the blue comes this asshole, posting a sixty lines long reply, delving into how DC's character arcs and plots are more intellectually challenging.
_Wow, what did you do?
_I told him to chill out, that not everything in life is about intellectual pursuits, to which he replied calling me an illiterate buffoon.
_Wow, that was rude, and totally uncalled for.
_Yep, that's when I saw his profile pic was the cover of Asimov's Foundantion & Empire, so I asked him, being so interested in intellectual stimulation as he seemingly was, his opinion on the Foundation's traders, specifically if he would consider them good willed merchants sharing the foundation's tech with decadent imperial worlds, or just a buncha glorified shills sowing subversion among the Empire's citizens with their fancy toys and lofty ideals.
_Haha, damn son!! what did he say?
_Well basically, he just told me to go fuck myself and that his intellect is orders of "magnitud" beyond mine, which makes talking to me a waste of his precious time, then he outright blocked me before I could tell him to go get a hooker or something.
_Wow, such a schmart and cultured guy, probly the schmartest one in the family.
by Granudisimo October 22, 2018
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