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Verb, past tense. In reference to Matt Schaub, former NFL quarterback.

1. Greatly underthrew a deep pass to an open receiver. Usually to Andre Johnson and usually allowed the defender to get in better position.
2. Turned into the fetal position in the QB pocket after facing the slightest bit of pressure. A defender in the general vicinity is not required. Also called "turtling."
3. Threw an interception for a touchdown, or a "pick six."

4. Deleted one's twitter account, usually after being sick of dealing with vitriol and trolls.
1. Andre was wide freaking open but he Schaub'd it!
2. Dwight Freeney just touched his jersey and then he totally Schaub'd.
3. Well, he Schaub'd another one to Richard Sherman.
4. Yeah I couldn't take all the trolls dude, I Schaub'd my account.
by SportsRV November 07, 2013
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