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Scenogothunkverything is a word that has the labels Scene, Emo, Goth, Punk, and well...everything.

The purpose for this word? Well most people don't have labels, liek that have a bit of everything mixed together, like a non - poser person. So you would use this word for someone who has a bit of everything mixed in them, but they are not a poser.

Posers are people who label themselves, but Scenogothunkverything people do not label themselves, therefore they are not posers.
*Chick walks by two girls*

Girl 1: Whoa! That girl has a little bit of everything mixed in her.

Girl 2: Like she's a "Scenogothunkverything" girl.

Girl 1: What's that?

Girl 2: A person who is not a poser and has a label, but has a little bit of everything in them.
by Jessiica Saunders June 14, 2008
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