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A lot like your basic scene kid
Only different...
A scener is the 'new' scene kid,
and there are not many yet.
Heres the basics ->
-Usually blonde or black with some 'other' colour running through it eg. pink.
-Nearly always got millions of immature clips/head bands etc.
-Tied in a side ponytail with the ponytail CURLY but the top STRAIGHT with a side fringe and sometimes these top layers are tousled to make them BIG. Either this or down (straight when down).
-Lots of short skirts which are usually stripy with tights which are usually footless and grey/black.
-'Scener' shoes are mainly immature ballet pumps, things such as ice creams or lepord print are dead givaways.
-Thin material hoodies.. ALL the time. Grey is a favourite.
-Tops with things like guns or something on.
-A 'triangle' scarf, or any scarf really, scener kids are never without their scarfs. It can be a thick or a thin one.. whatever floats your boat.
-Loves tiaras etc.
MYSPACE: (pretty much same as a old scene)
-Got to have it.
-Takes many pictures, edits them LOTS.
-Weird angles.
-Peace sign in piks. <-- Must have
-Spells pictures as PIKTURES.
-Spends hours on their profile which is usually a 'default' one.
-DONT smoke, and let people who smoke know that they hate it.
-DO drink, but only occasionally, some sceners however are SxEstraight edge
-A 'I dont care attitute'.
-Spelling.. Spells everything wrong on purpose to make it sound 'cute'. Even everyday words eg. mybeh (Maybe). Also instead of and, they use a double &. eg. &&Yew Oh Kaii? (And you ok?)
-Loves HELLO KITTY, DINOSAURS and other things like that.
Theres Loads More, Just Add It On If You Want :)
These sceners or nu-scenes havnt been around for long but they are steadily growing. There are more and more side ponytails! This was just for GIRLS, but will do the one for BOYS some other time.
Kay buh bye (Ok bye :)
OMFG, Iam So Not Scener kid (new scene), STFU!
by Scener-Kid-Ha October 11, 2007
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