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Scene tax is any extra cost tacked onto the price of a product as a direct result of the product's reputation or "Scene", rather than redeeming qualities or actual worth. Most commonly seen in hipster fashion, guitar and bass amplifiers and many other instances, some styles are "revived" and sold at a high price when the exact same product would be worth much less and is potentially much cheaper elsewhere.
1. Guy 1: Yeah, I got this shirt at General Pants for $75!

Guy 2: Wow... you know I found that exact shirt around the corner for $5? I guess that's the price you pay at a place that thrives on scene tax.

2. Guy 1: I'm looking to get a Sunn Model T bass amp. They're fairly pricey. What do?

Guy 2: Don't think there is anything particularly special about the Model T, but I've not used one. Unltralinear output stage, probably a fairly standard tone stack at a guess. The price is scene tax.
by borntohula February 24, 2012
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