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A person under 13 who wears bright skinny jeans, who abuses eyeliner and parts their hair far over on one side.
"My little sister is so weird," Joe said.
"Why?" Bob asked.
"She's such a Scene Tween," Joe replied with a sigh.
by Joe the Hoe November 23, 2012
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A girl between the ages of 10-13 who attempts to be an "emo kid".

-Usually wears light, badly applied eyeliner.

-Shops for accessories like hair bows, anything with bright rainbow colors, anything black or has "Jack Skellington" or "Happy Bunny" on it at Tweenie stores like "Claires" and "Hot topic".

-Usually has bad hair that they think it looks cool to brush over most of their face.

-Typically like bands like "My Chemical Romance" and "Fall Out Boy.

Their usual "Style" is black T shirts, jeans, and checkered vans, because their mommy won't by them any think "too dark".
Girl 1- "Do you see that SceneTween over there? I mean, she looks about 9"
Girl 2- "Yeah, I think that's a dark Hannah Montana shirt she's wearing."
Girl 1- "Oh, wow."
by I make it rain like woah! March 14, 2009
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