(pun on sim city)
a room/venue/general area filled with scenesters, usually of the emo or hipster branches.

for more info on scenesters visit the website www.yourscenesucks.com
"dang, look at all the emo's and hipsters"
"yeah man, its like, scene CITY!"
by Jazz Hammerhands March 01, 2009
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scene city emo rock= unity.
a group of girls from the 'scene' 'city' 'emo' and 'rock' stereotypes...when they come together...they are the awesome 4some!
You cannot get a better group of people
hot guy: 'man they are so scene, city, emo, rock i love it'
other girl: 'am i like them?'

girl: can i be scene, city, emo, rock too?
hot guy: nup you're too peasant

scene, city, emo, rock kids: if you're into good times, you too can be scene city emo rock oneday. maybe.

random group of people: why is that emo hanging with a scene kid?
girl: oh coz they're scene city emo rock kids
by scer March 08, 2008
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