Sure, some scene girls backcomb their hair and wear bows and extensions and skinnies and dye their hair random colours, but its become the fashion for nowadays, just because you look like that doesn't mean you're scene, it means you're FASHIONABLE. And not all scene kids are obsessed with myspace and social networking sites, most of them DO have a life.

And scene guys mostly don't have hair covering their face or loads of piercings or wear girl's jeans. I actually struggle to find a scene guy wearing girls jeans.

Not all go to 593729402729 gigs a week either, or aspire to become photographers, journalists, hairdressers etc; most of my friends are scene and hardly any of them fit this definition. And no that doesn't make them posers cuz believe me I know what the hell a poser is and they're NOT.

So now I've cleared that all up it should be easier to understand what scene is for you all now :)
"Scene is not what the world thinks it's about. Scene is about NOT following "the scene"."
Scene / Scene kid
by aimeeaye April 21, 2008
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