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The word for the rising population of Mexicans and the Scene stereotype. When combining the two words one comes to the product, "Sceaner", a Beaner, who is scene. Scene, which is possibly one of the most fucking stupid, cancerous, retarded things on this planet known to man is now, somehow genetically mutating to form with people with Hispanic descent.
Was once a common disease amongst the Caucasian and Asian population it has, unfortunately, jumped again.
*Scans the body head to toe.*

*Teased black hair, Raccoon'd blonde streaks, with other hot vibrant colored streaks, over done eye liner and shadow, (Color scheme should look really dumb with the person's dark brownish skin), cheap, off brand clothing from the Good Will, Target and Walmart. Last but not least, a small child's backpack, with such children's shows like, Dora the Explorer, Spiderman, Batman, ect. ect. *

Viewer: "Dear god... are you listening to what she's saying? Everything she says is really god damn fucking stupid. Plus you can't even understand the bitch because of her accent"

Viewer 2: "Yes, I know, shes a Sceaner."
by Darkshiv February 06, 2011
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