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A scaulder is a native of the derelict town of enniscorthy,which is known as the ghetto of the otherwise picturesque social haven of wexford county.While wexford town itself is a thriving metropolis,enniscorty is known for innerbreeding,gun crime and pre-teen pregnancy.A scaulder,if male,is generally crosseyed and illiterate and is obsessed with hurling and handball and other-ledser sports,who favourite passtime is usually fighting and eating grease.The woman scaulder is typically breatakingly ugly and pregnant by twelve.
"That girl I was texting,do you think I should ask her out?"
"good grief,no,she's nothing but a dirty scaulder,sure the tide would'nt take her out.The rat never strays too far from the gutter,avoid her like the plague,if you dont want to spend the rest of your life up in that inbred hell"
by Wezsez April 15, 2008
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