By far the most talented and musically adept Metal Band to not ever be signed to a major label. They made songs that were featured frequently in UFC, and their fanbase was huge in Florida, but they still haven't received the recognition they deserve for all of their music. Although mainstream music primarily consists of Emo crap, Poser Metal, and Rap, Scars of Life should have made it mainstream. They broke up in 2005, after lead singer Kyle Shapiro had lost his taste in music. They are, were, and always will be the most greatest Metal Band to never make it Mainstream. Don't know WHAT THE FUCK I'm talking about? Check them out for yourself at:,, wikipedia (no songs, just more links and a way more in depth non-opinionated biography)
"I feel it all surround me,
Breathe all of your Hate into my Lungs,
I know that you can't stand me,
Cannot Help the way that I've Become..."
-Pool of Fears
Scars of Life 2002 Demo
by Scars of Life Fan April 14, 2007
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An interjection or phrase mostly used after you've caught a family member having sex. Especially an immediate family members such as siblings.
I caught my little sister banging her classmate and i'm scarred for life
by tory borty April 6, 2013
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