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When there is something out there, coming for you. It might be miles away, or it could be right outside lurking in the gloom and pitch blackness. Where ever it is, it draws closer with each stride it takes, completely mad with the thought of tearing your flesh and snapping your limbs. It could be at your throat at any moment, and each crick and creak you hear is a reminder that your next breath may be your last. You've never heard it, you've never seen it, all you know is that it's coming. And as fear and dread consume your every waking moment, all you can think about, is touching yourself.
Poor bastard, we don't have and ID on the body, he's a John Doe. We have no idea what did this to him, but it looks like he had enough time to have a scared yank before it got him.
by Andyman96 September 16, 2015
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