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The guy (this word only applies to males) who insists he is apart of your group of bros, but yet isn't. He randomly appears everywhere, most of the time in the middle a conversation, and does nothing else but keep asking the same obnoxious questions multiple times. Once he enters the conversation with the guy he speaks to, all the bros of the person he is speaking with vanish at the speed in which none can imagine, thus giving the definition it's true meaning.

He will repeatedly appear in conversation with a girl your speaking with and asks for hugs by just putting his arms out and holding them there as if he's about to be put up a a scarecrow, scaring both you and the babe.

While in conversations, he will never keep his hands still. They will always be doing something whether its scratching his hollow dome with his scrawny hay hands or tightening the backpack straps multiple times meaning 6 or more, scaring everyone in the group.
Group of bros in a conversation with the Bryce stating: "Yeah man that party was crazy!"

Alex (while scratching hollow dome): "Yeah! Dwayne man you guys see how cool the backyard was?"

All Bros evacuate except Bryce: "Nah man...."

All other bros who cleared it: "There goes the scarebro once again...."
by Thebigshowdos October 16, 2011
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