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The Scarab Minor, often refered to as simply "The Scarab", is the name given to the legendary street sweeper we have come to know and love. It is found almost exclusively in the Newton Mearns area of Scotland, often at the Broom Shops. At the helm is a mysterious man known as the Scarab Man.

The Scarab Minor and it's followers often engages in turf wars with its arch nemesis, The Fish Van, and the Fish Van Posse, F.V.P for short. Despite it's astonishing weaponary, including a steam cleaner, water gun and built in nuclear missiles, The Scarab seems to have been beaten by the Fish Van for now and hasn't been seen for many weeks.....but it will be back.
Doo Doo Doo Dooo Scarab Minor, do do do do doo Scarab, Scarab, Doo do do do do Minor, Minor- The Infamous Scarab Chant created by Correy.

Fuck The Fish Van, mon the Scarab
by Noel Edmonds June 14, 2006
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