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With the advent of RapeaXe, there may come a time in a man's life when he does not desire having his penis impaled by angry barbs. Instead, he may prefer to send his go-to man, or scapecock, if you will, to spring the chauvinist trap.

The scapecock does not need to be smart; he merely needs be the least liked friend in a group of people, willing to fulfill any task the alpha males bequeath.
Scenario 1 (At a party):
Alpha Male - "Yo! Cheeze-whiz, you take point. Let me know when you're done romancing her seven kingdoms."
Scapecock - "Aw thanks man! I won't let you down!"

Scenario 2 (On the way to the colloquial rapee):
Alpha Male - "Oh hey way to go buddy! I think you deserve firsties on this one!"
Scapecock - "Sick! Thanks man!"
by Aquilae April 30, 2010
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