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When a guy appears to be consoling a woman who is ralphing by pulling her hair back. Preferably, the woman is wearing a slutty skirt and she is perched at a 90 degree angle when he rips her panties aside and ass fucks the shit out of her while she's still barfing. The harder he fucks her the more puke she'll get out and consequently making the guy look good by suppling medical aid.
Nick: Dude, that girl down there looks really sick.
Pete: Yeah, she just drank some hunch punch, but it looks like that douchey scrote is going to take care of her.
Nick: Damn, she's puking like crazy
Pete: Holy shit, he's giving her the Scandinavian Rooster
Nick: She looks like she feels better already. That guy's not so bad.
by nickgolf July 10, 2008
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