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Scandinavian Clincher

When one person takes his or her "pointer" finger and "middle" finger, reaches underneath a male's legs (generally from behind) and attempts to pull his scrotum down while trying to insert his or her thumb deep into the male's anus.

A person with great skill who can wiggle or move their hand in a "wave" motion while fully engaged in the maneuver is considered to be able to fulfill the requirements of the "Original Scandinavian Clincher. As of recently, the wiggle or "wave" motion has been abandoned due to the extreme difficulty of successfully being able to complete the maneuver.

If done correctly, the "Scandinavian Clincher" can be a demoralizing and effective maneuver to cause pain/discomfort and or embarrassment.
Patient "A": "Dr., the strangest thing happened to me the other day?

Dr.: "Ok, tell me what happened."

Patient "A": "A person came up from behind me and pulled down on my sack with what I think was his index and middle finger. And at the same time placed his thumb far into my butt. It made me feel uncomfortable. It also caused me minor/medium pain. . ."

Dr.: "Hmmmm, this is interesting. I had a patient not too long ago complain of a similar instance. What happened to you is insulting. I understand that. The technical term of what had happened to you is a "Scandinavian Clincher."
by Leto Shepppard February 21, 2010
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