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A word used to show that something isn't very important or to cancel a meaning of an act or a say. Comes from the English word "Scandal", but means the opposite ("It ain't a scandal" or "a small scandal so it's not really a scandal"). Most common use would be to say the word very quickly, calmly, and with a Scandinavian accent.
"Marian: Bergman, pass me the Yogurt.
Bergman: There is no Yogurt left, Marian.
Marian: Scandalush."

"Netcooler: Lim dude, how did the long stay in Norway affected you?
Lim: It hasn't affected me at all!
Netcooler: So are you still mad at Sushi for doing the Schwing Queen before you?
Lim: Scandalush!"
by Fish Beast Of Aberdeen October 08, 2007
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