The earned moniker of Cam Newton, currently Auburn University's starting quarterback.

Due to the uncovering of claims and possible evidence in events later in the 2010-2011 football season, there is the possibility that Cam "The Scam" Newton may fall short of the Heisman Trophy, or he will win it and have it removed a la Reggie Bush.

It has been speculated, and possibly proven in future events, that Newton is playing for pay. His father, Cecil Newton, is the primary negotiator in the Cam Scam and since he was the baby daddy, he decided how much his son was worth. Kenny Rogers , a former player at Mississippi State (one of the schools Cam went out to sell his goods), said the senior Newton mentioned it would take between 100,000 and 180,000 to solicit his son's skills to the school. Apparently Auburn gave more.

The Cam Scandal has been big collegiate sports news because of Newton's impressive record on the field, leading Auburn to a top rank in the BCS standing and a great possibility of winning the national title. The issue is that soliciting a player for any sort of compensation is in violation of the NCAA rules and will result in punitive action to both the player and the school involved.

Will probably end up becoming the next JaMarcus Russell.
MSU- We will miraculously place 170,000 dollars into your bank account if your son signs here.
Cecil Newton- Auburn gonna buy my boy for deuce.

Cecil Newton- Everyone, welcome to Sunday service, I would like to thank Mr. Bob Lowder and Mr. Jimmy Rane for their generous offering to our collection plate this Sunday. Jesus will be glad to know that I will give the church its fair share of 3% to buy some paint for the mailbox and the men's bathroom. Praise Jesus, you are good to me, blessing me with a son worth a lot of money...Hallelujah, can I get an amen...
I need a witness brothas and sistas!!! I feeeel the spirit.

Scam Newton
by Harry Sasquach November 14, 2010
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A person that does a lot of scamming
Look at Scam Newton with a Jaguar and no job.
by TeyBenn August 13, 2020
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