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A portmanteau "typo" made by merging the two words "scientist" and "lie." Probably first used on the internet and/or on Yahoo! Answers in the Religion & Spirituality forum. Origionally, it was used by angry or trolling Christians and Creationists who were against the theories made by scientists and evolutionists because they allegedly violate the order of the Bible. Today, people on the internet, including scientists, often use the word "ScLientist" as their username and bring it up with the intention to mock and degrade the Creationists' poor education in science.
Why won't those dumb Atheists get it? Evolution is a joke! It's just another ridiculous theory those scLientists want you to believe.


Creationist: Why do people believe in gravity when there is NO PROOF that it exists?

Scientist: Because if you jump off a roof, you'll fall to the ground. But what do we know; we're just scLientists after all, right?
by Tess the ScLientist™ April 28, 2011
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