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1) When you have a sour crouch.

2) When you think your a "Juila" (a winner) and you end up with syphlis.

3) When you use to much "tina" (Crystal meth) and you get a yeast infection.

4) When you mistake "sourcruit" for "sawcrot" because the old italian hot dog vender misspelled it.
1) Man, that gril smells like sawcrot!

2) Dude, I thought I was a total Julia, turns out I'm a sawcrot.

3) That tina we met at the club last night gave me a bad case of sawcrot.

4) "Sawcrot? whats sawcrot?"
"Uhmm, I believe thats sourcruit"
"Ive never had it, lets not touch it this mans sketchy."
by Tinjo July 13, 2008
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