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(so-sexy-savonne) A beautiful outgoing girl who loves her friends and family. She has a cute little dog named Walley and she loves MLMs. You can find her laying out by the pool, walking her dog, or at Sees Candy. She loves PINK! Shes the best friend anyone could ask for. Even though shes super sweet this girl has another side to her you dont want to see. So much damage can come from this girl my suggestion is to stay on her good side. If you do get on her bad side just bring her peanut MLMs (if you can find those) a Dr. Pepper (you know 23 flavors of goodness) a jr. whopper with extra pickles fries and a chocolate overload cake. So at least she can go along her day with a full tummy.
Example: Is That So Sexy Savonne?
by Briana Rodriguez May 25, 2010
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