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Savajè is pronounced like a French name By the most beautiful girl on earth she tends to leave others jealous and obsessed with what she does.she speaks her mind and don’t care about what people has to say But don’t cross her line, she will leave you dead on the road. Her ways and moves makes a boy weak to his knees anybody who dates a Savajè is blessed to have her she’s an keeper so keep her close. Savajè loves hard on people she has an big heart and she will do whatever it takes for anybody she loves. She’s very intelligent, open minded, loyal, funny,sexy, ambitious, loving, confident, and at times can be sensitive depending on the situation but Don’t ever think you’re hurting her feelings if u cut her off because it won’t bother her because she only needs herself she’s too independent to worry about you nor never afraid to lose a friend if u be fake with her she’ll also leave with out telling you and you’ll never hear from her again. Savajè gets all the boys so watch out for your mans her body is worth billions she has a slim waste with a big booty no man can resist she’ll take your soul in seconds but it’s ok because she’ll only take a good man who loves her for her.
Savajè so perfect and wifey material I need her.

Savajè got me drooling man!

by Krislyn Marie October 14, 2017
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