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That one substitute teacher that never lets you get away with anything. She has more of an attitude than the rest of the students combined. When your friend asks a question, she ends up giving some smart-ass response back to him. Then she orders you around to like pick up things she dropped or asking you to constantly turn the heat up or down.

Doesn't let you go to the restroom or listen to music. When she reports back to the original teacher, she starts talking in that really innocent voice like she was actually doing her work. In reality she doing her make-up for 30+ minutes.

When she walks out like a stuck-up bitch, she says "bye" in a really sarcastic tone. Then the original teacher begins to yell at all of us for being so disrespectful to her.
Oh great, it's that damned Savage Sub again. Last time she slapped me with a ruler!
by YouKnow,ThatGuy January 17, 2017
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