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The most brutal way to slam a beer by shaking it up, slamming it into your mouth, biting into it, sucking out all the contents, throwing it to the ground, then head-butting the guy standing closest to you.
The term "Savage Brew' has been thrown around for years. It puts "shot-gunning" a beer to shame. This happens on every tour we've ever been on, and happens in most cities we roll though. However, the story I will tell this time has to do with the moment the Savage Brew spread to Europe. Our friend came over with the guys from Dragonforce to show them how my band does a "Savage Brew". One of my bandmates proceeded by having himself and said friend take their shirts off, shake up one beer each really well, and then together they counted to three. They slammed the beers into their teeth, bit down hard and drank all of its contents. As soon as they were finished they slammed them onto the ground and proceeded to head-butt each other so hard that blood started streaming down their faces. Standard fare with the Savage Brew.
by hewhoseoxisgored July 10, 2013
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