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1)A young child who has abnormally large nipples.(may use them to suck up an aqueous solution if preferred by his brother in law.)

2)Someone or something that has a violent obsession to wear knickers.(by violent i mean he has bad shits and refuses to use the appropriate disposal unit.)

3)A goose ling abandoned by its genetic guardian only to be thrown into a urbanized colony of rat infested pig scrotums.
1)I told little Jeffy to drink his milk after done gone poured a wee bit much into his bowl of froot loops, and I saw the most horrifying sight in muh entire liyfe, the little monster grabbed a' hole' of one of hims titties and he gun gone slurrped it up like some kinda Satquath.

2)I found the little Satquath's knickers under his bed filled with a big heapin pile-o-goodies for the youngins.

3)Buffalo, buffalo, buffalo, buffalo, buffalo, buffalo. (satquath)
by Mogley February 14, 2007
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