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Derivative of Satan's Teacup. Achieved by first fisting a chick's ass then puking into the newly formed vomit receptacle. Mostly an accidental occurrence, influenced by heavy drinking and the smell of freshly-fucked ass, sometimes manually induced to show real disdain for the chick.

see also Satan's Teacup, Satan's Casserole, Satan's Punchbowl, Satan's Gravy Dish
So I was gonna Satan's Teacup the bitch, but after those shots of Jager and the smell of that nasty cunt of hers combined with the pungent aroma of feces, I just couldn't take it and just as I pulled my second fist from her ass, I puked all over her ass, filling her gaping hole with puke, and hence the Satan's Stew was invented, man!
by BW, Guuder, B to the Z November 13, 2005
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