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Satan's Whiskers are the extremely coarse, bushy and woolly ring of hairs around the anus, sphincter, brown round, brown eye, red eye or rose bud. Also known as the Rim Wreath.

Individuals with Satan's Whiskers often suffer from Satan's Rectum as the hair wreath will retain moisture, feces which is also known as a dingleberry.
Roger picked up a hooker on the way home from work. After finding a dark alley, he parked and she hiked her ass up in Roger's face. Roger was about to dine on her juicy brown when he turned on the dome light and saw Satan's Whiskers pressing towards his nose and was immediately overwhelmed with nausea as he had picked up the devil himself and had Satan's Rectum overtaking the air in his car.
by A. M. Wood April 25, 2014
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