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A sliming world supervisor & commentator.
Someone who keeps both chefs and normals in line with quick witted, sassy, humbling remarks. She is in charge of stitching you up and putting you in your place.

“Behind every great man there is a woman rolling her eyes.” If you cross her or forget to phone her back after a night of rooftop cocktails & sushi she will let you and everyone else know about it.

Originated and used by British YouTube Star Mike Huttlestorm & fellow members of SORTEDfood.
JANICE: “I know what you’re thinking, yes he’s cute - but the reality is, he’ll take you out for sushi & rooftop cocktails, but will he call you back, no!”

MIKE: “Come on James, don’t be a tease”

JANICE: “Fat chance of that happening Mike. Barry, Ben, Mike and The Love Rat - keep working.”

JAMES: “I wonder if there’s any almond around? Is there? I can’t ask you can I.”

Janice: “James and I still aren’t talking.”

MIKE: “Ooh Sassy Janice is in!”
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by KhaleesiofRivia March 29, 2021
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