Word used in the English spoken in Scotland, which is directly from the Scottish(Gaelic) language. Sassanach literally meaning Saxon. This originally meant an Englishman. Then as Scottish(Gaelic) lost it's footing as the majority language of Scotland(geographically and 'de facto'), Scottish(Gaelic) speakers used the word to describe anyone who spoke any Anglian based language(i.e. the English language as spoken in England, Hiberno-English, Scoto-English/Lallans/('Scots') e.t.c) Nowadays, it has become common in Scoto-English/Lallans ('Scots'), and is used to refer to English people. Although not explicitly derogatory, some people (notably the English) consider it to be so.
Na Sassanaich! Sassanach! Ach, yet more Sassanaich settling in our country!
by Dòmhnallan April 1, 2008
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The incorrect spelling of the Gaelic word Sasannach. It means Englishman and comes from the word Saxon. Also every Outlander fan says it all the time. Also the ch makes a german ch, not a k.
Person 1: Oh, look at that sassanach! (I feel so Scottish).
Person 2: Carson a tha sibh ag ràdh sin cho neònach? Cuideachd chan eil sin ciamar a' bhith sibh a' sgrìobadh e!
Person 1: What.
by bupity bup May 5, 2022
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