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Saskatoon Ass wank: When 2 dudes jerk off another dudes ass at the same time. Usually done in Saskatoon by visible minorities

Dude 1: Hey Bro, did you see that crazy Saskatoon ass wank video??

Dude 2: Yeah Bro! Damn that guy had a great ass! I wish I had his ass! And the Korean guy looked solid and had a fuckin bitchin tat!!

But the Mexican guy seemed to be enjoying it a little too much. He's clearly the homo in that crew!

Dude 1: ummm....Bro....that was clearly a fucking dirty Indian. Not a Mexican!! And yeah....He was clearly a pillow biter! I bet he wished he had an ass like the fine looking half breed he was ass wanking!!
by Saskatoon Ass Wank January 01, 2018
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