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male slut, with big man boobies. But a real sweetheart when in bed.
my god dude, you're not just a gigolo, you are a sarun.
by Ornamo September 12, 2008
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A fly son of a bitch that makes you regret your wardrobe choices on sight. Also has a much more refined taste in music than you but is too nice to tell you show shitty your music is. Incredibly cool dude, that in any circumstances will improve your life if you have him as a friend. He's also usually a really nice guy that is compassionate to your needs and problems. Has a love for literature as well. This person hates being called a hipster and will always be aware of the fact that he is smarter than you. Above all, however, he is humble.
Damn, is that guy wearing a Brooks Brothers shirt while listening to Modest Mouse? He must be Sarun.
by Skulduggery101 November 11, 2015
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