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1. An infection in the eye or the eye retna which causes the eyes to be confused when looking in one direction. One eye looks in the correct direction, the other looks completely opposite.

2. History has shown that you are able to contract saroitis in the legs if the disease spreads, the only way the disease can spread to the legs is if you have someone who suffers saroitis staring at your legs, or you have had a close physical encounter with a saroitis sufferer.
Doctor: "Hi there, unfortunately you have contracted saroitis in your right retna"

Patient: "What's that mean"

Doctor: "You have contracted a disease of the right retna of your eye which will cause a general lack of direction of the eye, one eye will go left, one eye will go right"

Patient: "Is it cureable?"

Doctor: "The cure is for you to close your eyes"

Patient: "But I ccca"

by NotoriousD.I.G June 17, 2009
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