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Admit it, we all hate it when everybody posts, tweets, and talk about the same exact thing. But there comes a time when that hate solely transitions towards the person who uses sarcasm when describing the plethora of posts, tweets, etc. aka the Sarcasm Fag. This person takes advantage of any opportunity he is given to give back a sarcastic remark that has no relevance with the general conversation in attempt to make themselves appear as articulated and funny. It doesn't make you articulated and funny. Don't be that guy.
Person 1: "This new apple update is crazy"

Person 2: "What is up with my iPhone right now lol?!"

Person 3: "I hate this update, it's terrible"

Person 4: "Wow guys! I didn't realize there was an iphone update!"

Person 4 is a sarcasm fag.
by urbanDicktator November 19, 2013
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