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is a famous Pokerplayer in Austria. He used to play Counterstrike where he was known as King 'kaNE'.
He has a very strong mindset he always wants to be the best in what he is doing.

Although he is omniscient many of his decision are made based on strange feelings. He would probably say that he had it in his urin.
X: 'Cmon Dude, why did u fold that?'
Z: 'Cuz I had this strange feelin'. I felt like a was behind in this situation'
Z: 'Oh man, u are a real Saraldus'

X: 'Do u like redbull?'
Y: ' Are u serious? That's a question for Saraldus!'
Saraldus: ' Everbody likes RedBull!'
by Mr.informer December 17, 2010
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