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The name of the most beautiful girl in the whole world, who also has the best personality and sense of humor that anyone could imagine. Sometimes refered to as a "dream girl". Perfect marriage material.
No way, you are dating Sarah-Kim?!? You have to be the luckiest guy on earth!
-Damn, she's perfect!
-Yeah, she's a Sarah-Kim
by chickenspag March 26, 2011
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The name of a princesse, everything about her is perfect. She's absolutely the sexiest girl ever, every girl wishes they'd be her. Once you lay eyes on her, your heart will blow and you'll want to give her all the love your heart contains. Her beauty, smile, the way she talks, everything is perfect.
Look around you! Sarah-Kim's are rare. Don't miss your chance. If you are loved by a Sarah-Kim, you are the luckiest ma on earth. xoxoox
by bobhilton March 23, 2011
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