The platinum blonde member of Girls Aloud. Known for her hard-partying ways. She's quite cool, and she's now a lingerie model.
Friend: Your hair looks great!
Me: I cut it to look like Sarah Harding's!!
by iheartumuch December 16, 2007
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Sarah Harding (born 1981) was a British singer who was part of the girl group Girls Aloud along with Cheryl Cole, Kimberley Walsh, Nadine Coyle, and Nicola Roberts. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in the past, and she unfortunately passed away in 2021.
Amanda: Have you heard the news? Sarah Harding from Girls Aloud passed away!
Brianna: What the hell! This cannot be happening!
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Created by Lily Allen. Used to describe something cheap and plastic.
"That bag is sooo sarah harding!"
by emmacca August 28, 2007
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