Every guys dream girl from the show Outer Banks on Netflix. Absolutely perfect in every way and every guy wishes they could have a Sarah Cameron in their life. The hard reality is that there are no Sarah Camerons out there.
I wish I could find myself a Sarah Cameron.
by newgen21 May 7, 2020
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A total babe. A fictional character on the Netflix Series Outer Banks played by the gorgeous Madeline Cylne. She’s the hottest girl the boys have seen, and there’s a 100% chance your boyfriend knows who she is and is simping for her. She’s the reason why guys love blondes with brown eyes. She’s also super thick too especially on season 2. Just so you know your bf would leave you for her if he got the chance.
Gf: Vinnie Hacker is a total babe
Me: Kk but have you seen Sarah Cameron she can break my heart and I’d apologize.

Gf: You can’t say that
by Arik Stan 🥵 July 31, 2021
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