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The Sarabug is a creature (mammal) that originated in Oregon, but is commonly found throughout the state of Idaho. Migration between the Northern and Southern parts of the state often occurs during large seasonal changes, ie: summer and winter. The SaraBug is one of the top predators around, and is, in all situations, highly dangerous. A SaraBug will typically display symptoms similar to that of hypersomnia, but do not let this fool you, the SaraBug is prone to vicious verbal assaults when its sleep is disturbed. The bite of a SaraBug is fatal, as well as the dangerous pinches this creature uses to attack with. The SaraBug displays great cunning. You will know a SaraBug when you see it by the biting noises a SaraBug will make. If the SaraBug wants to destroy're already dead. The only known sightings of the SaraBug, as of November 2008, have been reported around the Moscow, ID area. This creature is very rare, and there is documented information of only one SaraBug.
The SaraBug is a native mammal to the Northwest area of the United States.
by SaraBug March 24, 2009
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