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Commonly a name given to a woman that embodies the qualities of a kind heart, chic, sexiness, beauty, creativity, insanity and intelligence.

The Name may also be used for a male for those exact same reasons but usually the shock and stress resulted from possessing a girl's name during a time of realization, places the aforementioned male in a coma or severe state of shock.
Dude 1: Dude my jaw just dropped! Quick look at that fine girl that walked into the club!

Dude 2: Damn that chick puts the "S" in Smoking! Definitely her name's Sanyukta!

Dude 3: Hey my name's Sanyukta!!!

Dude 1 & 2: What? You Serious? You got a girls Name?

Dude 3: Wa wa What? *Collapses*

Dude 1: He's foaming from the mouth, shouldn't we take him to the hospital?

Dude 2: Nah he'll be fine..., let's go say hi to that stunning vision of beauty instead!

Dude 1: Hmm Makes sense, let's go!
by Donna.amore82 August 21, 2011
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