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A man of what appears to be Indian origin and an unknown age probably ranging from 25 to 35. He appears on the bus to Cote-Vertu every morning at about 7:15 and sits in the same spot. He likes to ask repetitive questions beginning with "HI, HOW ARE YA" and then going onto such phrases as "YOU KNOW ME RIGHT?" and "WAS I GOOD TODAY?" and "DO YOU REMEMBER ME?". He likes to ask about your day, about school and the weather. He is somewhat freindly and somewhat annoying especially in the morning when people are tired.
People should stop making fun of Santash and use him as an example to better our lives. Sure he is mentally challenged and maybe a bit annoying but we should be patient and understand that he is a kid in a mans body. If people were more like Santash there would be no racism and no war.
God bless you Santash
by 470 May 03, 2005
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