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A school in south San Jose where a
large amount of rich white kids go to.

-Grades 9-12
-Guys in holister sandals that have corvets
-Around 2,600 students
Brittney Hailey Woodcock: Like what high school you going to next year?

Linda Maria Garcia Fernandez:Santa Teresa high school.

Brittney Hailey Woodcock:Oh my god.
No way are you half white?

Linda Maria Garcia Fernandez:No?Im Mexican American.Why does it matter?

Brittney Hailey Woodcock:Well oh my gosh..Like you dont need to get all mad and like .. yahh im just asking cause your mexican.Its rare for a non white to go to Santa Teresa High.Omg.

Linda Maria Garcia Fernandez:KKK much?

Brittney Hailey Woodcock:Some of my family
members are in the kkk,cool huh?

Linda Maria Garcia Fernandez:Uhm?I have to go to class,Bye.

Brittney Hailey Woodcock::Okay omg!Nice talkig to you.Adios mucho grande guesto hehehe tata.Adios.

Brittney Hailey Woodcock goes skipping to 5th period.
by popala tarealala April 25, 2009
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