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Verb. To take someones elses gift idea and claim it as your own. Thereby gaining the credit and cudios for a well thought out gift.
I told my bother about the tv on sale and how i was going to get it for mom and dad on christmas but he "Santa blocked" me and got it for her first.
by Dave Ren November 18, 2011
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1. when somebody intentionally steals your gift idea and takes it as their own.

2. when Santa blocks someone from scoring points in any sport

3. an entire city block completely decorated for Christmas

4. when Santa blocks you from any premarital indiscretions

5. a block shaped like Santa

6. Santa's head
"I wanted to buy my parents a television, but my brother was a Santa block and bought them one first."

"I was hanging with this hot elf at the north pole and just when I went in for a kiss, Saint Nicholas shows up with more work. What a Santa block!"

"Jason drove to the lane putting up a lay-up. It was swiftly blocked by Kris Kringle. Did you see that Santa block?"
by NILSO November 19, 2011
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