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A girl from Santa Cruz who tries to be hard by being hateful, bitter, and judgmental toward anyone who does not think 100% like her, especially girls who are nicer and prettier. She tries to hide her evil by scrutinizing intangible and trivial humanitarian issues, like banning plastic, but it's a disguise because this girl treats garbage better than people (literally). Your best bro knows it, your closest bro knows it, you even know it, but you stay because it's easy, or you're afraid of her. In fact, you only date her because she is from SC. The SCG is usually unattractive, and loves labels, so she claims "hippy" to avoid putting any effort into her nasty appearance and nastier personality. Ironically, she notices every expensive label of clothing on someone's back... and judges someone for wearing it. That's right, a true SCG is a hypocrite. Date one, soon you will notice tension between some of your most prized relationships. But it's OK, she had a hard life, that's why she is so hard. She'll tell you it's everyone but her. SCG lives by her excuses. A man who dates her knows she is an emotional trainwreck, but hes too manipulated by her to leave. She is a jealous, and colder than ice person. No amount of kindness and friendship will change her. The SCG is NOT to be confused with a Santa Cruz Woman, who can usually befriend any person with her sweet bubbly personality.
Every one has a good time until you bring around that hard-ass Santa Cruz Girl. Now everyone be on different sides of the room, walkin' on eggshells because of her critical nature.
by RiverstreeLord November 16, 2012
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