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Sanjeev, a smart dude. He is one of the smartest people you know, but when you really know him well, you will realise he is a faker, and is just a little above average. He can argue himself out of almost any predicament, and can outsmart people all the time. He is shitty at sports, but is really really really competitive, and looks dumb when playing sports. Sanjeev doesn't need to worry about smarts, but his real problem is when it comes to his social life. He has completely different personalities when interacting with different people, and he seems to dumb himself down when talking to certain people. He has a few really good friends, who he trusts a lot, but he is very closed off about his secrets. He always gossips with people, and makes enemies quickly. Honestly, Sanjeev is just really different.
Sanjeev.n is great right?
by TheAnonynouse April 23, 2018
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